The Mercedes-Benz EQS is an all-electric luxury saloon which is essentially a full electric S-Class. The EQS is manufactured together with the S-Class and the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class on a neutral-carbon basis. It is expected to make an official launch in Europe in August 2021. Interior photos have just been revealed and we have rounded up the key features.

  1. The EQS features MBUX Hyperscreen (which we featured a while ago) with multiple displays merging smoothly to initiate a 141 cm wide curved screen band. The MBUX Hyperscreen is covered with a large glass curved in three dimensions to allow a distortion-free view across the width of the car. The large glass was curved through a moulding process that uses an approximate temperature of 650 degrees celsius. The display of the hyperscreen on the passenger area comes with up to 7 profiles and can be individualised. A total of 12 actuators under the touchscreen surfaces of the hyperscreen facilitate haptic feedback during operations. Mercedes-Benz EQS Interior
  2. The car is surrounded with up to 350 Sensors excluding the antennas to monitor the functions of the EQS. The sensors are for such tasks as measuring distances, lighting conditions, occupancy of the seats, drivers eye movements, passengers’ language, speed and acceleration and precipitation and temperatures. The EQS has an optional driving sound that interacts and reacts to a dozen different parameters including the accelerator pedal, recuperation or speed. Mercedes-Benz EQS seats
  3. The fragrance built specifically for the EQS is the No.6 Mood Linen, the number “6” comes from 1906 when the first electric cars were added to the ‘Mercedes Electrique’ model range. The larger head-up display is available as an option and corresponds to a screen with diagonal of 77 inches with an imaging unit that consists of 1.3 million individual mirrors of high-resolution matrix. Mercedes-Benz EQS
  4. The HEPA filter and Energizing Air Control with a 9.82dm cleans the air coming from outside at high filtration level which in general eliminates over 99.65% of particles of all sizes. Odours are neutralised through 600grams of activated charcoal and the absorption area is equivalent to approximately 150 football fields. Mercedes-Benz EQS
  5. The EQS is also fitted with a Burmester surround system comprising 15 speakers with a total output of 710 watts and comes with a Burmester ‘feel-good sound’ as standard. Mercedes-Benz EQS
  6. The Mercedes voice recognition system comes with Natural Language Understanding and supports 27 languages.
  7. The interior of the EQS features Mercedes Benz patterns that can be found in backlit trim elements with laser cuts or as decorative images on the passenger display. Mercedes-Benz EQS


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