News from Dendrobium Automotive has been scarce in recent times. The Singapore company first unveiled its hypercar concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. It was created as a collaboration between Vanda Electronics and Williams Advanced Engineering who were bought on board as consultants for the project. The hypercar now has a name, the Dendrobium D-1. We note that a company has been incorporated in the UK and it has been announced that production of the hypercar will take place in the UK.

The new company is run by Nigel Gordon-Stewart who has a long history with the likes of McLaren and Lamborghini, as well as some slightly less prestigious stints as the Managing Director of TVR and the UK distributor for the defunct Weismann brand.

There is no word on exactly who will build the Denrobium D-1, whether this job will be given to Williams or by the company itself. What we do know is that Dendrobium plan to show the car at Salon Privé later this year.

The target specification for the project is a 1.800 bhp electronic drive train with 2,000 Nm of torque and a target weight of 1,750 kgs. It should be built entirely from carbon fibre composites and alloys. The chassis will sit on a unique protocellcarbon tub which will form the basis of a future model range. The most visually impressive part of the project is the unique Bio-Aerial Locomotion door and roof opening system.

For now, there is no word on when the production version of the Dendrobium D-1 will be released or when customers can expect to receive the first examples.

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  1. 1800 bhp…… 1750kgs!!! This is not a sports car – I’d rather get my thrills in a 250bhp 500kg Caterham. If you need more thrills than that you’re probably better off learning to be a stunt pilot than spending your money on this ridiculous willy extender….


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