The First Edition, a highly upgraded McLaren 720S, debuted in Geneva. Capitalizing on McLaren’s extensive use of carbon fibre, all aerodynamic body improvements are also done in light, high-strength carbon fibre as well. The redesigned front end improves aerodynamic stability by creating additional downforce while improving engine ventilation at the same time. Wing extensions and side skirts further improve aerodynamics and increase the aggressiveness of the design. At the back end, a more aggressive diffuser and beautiful new wing generate increased downforce for additional high-speed grip.

Both engine power and performance have been improved by optimizing the engine management software and adding a special exhaust system with more efficient catalytic converters and a pneumatic flap control that allows the exhaust to breathe easier. Making 755 hp (555 kW) at 7,300 rpm and 780 Nm at 5,600 rpm, the twin-turbo V8 moves the car from 0-100km in a mere 2.8 seconds and increases the top speed to 345 km/h.

The suspension has been upgraded with lowering springs, single-piece ultra-light forged Yavin wheels. Wheel dimensions are 9.5×20 in front and 11×21 in back, and are tired with extremely low-profile high-performance tires.

Inside, a new airbag steering wheel and higher-grade materials make the cockpit as special as the exterior, promising driver comfort while storming the autobahn.


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