The Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 serves as the venue for a big Toyota release. The hybrid Toyota GR Super Sports Concept is based on the Toyota WEC Championship competitor, the TS050 Hybrid. The concept might indicate an upcoming road-legal hypercar to compete with the likes of Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin.

Very little information has been released about the concept. We know that it gets a twin-turbo, direct injection V6 engine coupled with a Toyota Hybrid System lifted from the LMP1 car. Combined power is quoted to be an even 1,000 hp.

The exterior design would look at home on the grid at Le Mans. It features a large rear spoiler, central barge board, tightly packaged wheels and a low aerodynamic shape. In fact, it looks like Toyota simply took its Le Mans competitor and added everything required to homologate it for the road!

As the engine has been lifted directly from the TS050 Hybrid, this is certainly just a concept for now. Toyota have indicated a desire to put the GR Super Sports Concept into production at some point in the near future.

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