The Grand Tour Season 2 episode 6 goes live this Friday and you can stream it here on Amazon Prime. New to this season is a celebrity face off section where two celebrities go head to head in every episode.

TGT Season 2 Episode 6 brings an all British theme with the three presenters taking on old Jaguars on a mega road trip to Colorado. Their aim is to prove that old Jags are still very much usable in everyday activities. They head over to America’s highest commercial airport where they test the performance of all three cars.

Working with a limited budget, they are forced to avoid liftpasses and ski equipment and instead went skiing in their old Jaguars. Elsewhere in the Celebrity Face OfF section, we get to see who is the world’s fastest actor between Luke Evans and Kiefer Sutherland.

Stream The Grand Tour Season 2 Episode 6 on Amazon Prime now.

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