ABT Reveals VW Arteon with 336hp

If you are looking to upgrade your Volkwagen, there is a good chance ABT pops up during your research. The tuner from South Germany is a true specialist when it comes to VW-group vehicles and therefore it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the first tuners to introduce a kit for the recently revealed Volkswagen Arteon.

If you opt for the R-Line package on the Arteon, you already have a sharp looking car to begin with. On their first Arteon kit, ABT leave the body of the coupé as is and focus on the wheels and suspension instead.

Customers can pick and choose between four different wheel designs in the sizes 19-inch, 20-ich and 21-inch. Custom ABT suspension springs give the car’s handling a more dynamic edge and bring the Arteon slightly lower to the tarmac.

Although for a four-cylinder the 2.0 TSI engine from Volkswagen already delivers ample power in the Arteon, ABT offers a performance boost through their ABT Engine Control (AEC) module. The engineers at ABT managed to raise the performance of the Arteon’s top model from 280 horsepower to 336 hp and 420 Nm of torque. The VW tuning specialist said that more power upgrades for the Arteon will be released in the near future.



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