F1: Hamilton Takes Championship Lead after Italian GP Victory

Lewis Hamilton has won the Italian GP 2017 leading a 1-2 for Mercedes thanks to Bottas second place finish. For Mercedes, this is an addition to their streak of wins at Monza since 2014. This was Hamilton’s 59th Grand Prix victory, he has also taken the championship lead from Vettel. The two are now separated by 3 points.

For an incredible driving after having started from the back, Ricciardo won the Driver of the Day award.

Italian GP 2017 Results

1. Hamilton – Mercedes
2. Bottas – Mercedes
3. Vettel – Ferrari
4. Ricciardo – Red Bull
5. Raikkonen – Ferrari
6. Ocon – Force India
7. Stroll – Williams
8. Massa – Williams
9. Perez – Force India
10. Verstappen – Red Bull

After lights out at the Italian GP 2017 Hamilton managed to make the lead stick, leading Ocon, Stroll, Raikkonen, Bottas and Vettel. Bottas was however able to make a move on Raikkonen and past Stroll and Ocon to take second. Vettel meanwhile managed to pass Stroll for fourth place before taking on Ocon for third place on lap 8/53.

Ricciardo managed to move to P9 after starting from behind, but his teammate Verstappen suffered a massive puncture at the start and was running in P19. At the front, Hamilton was exchanging fastest lap times with teammate Bottas.

Ocon pitted from P5 on lap 17/53 and rejoined in P10, before that, Raikkonen had pitted from P6 but the Force India managed to undercut the Ferrari and rejoined just ahead. Palmer was handed a 5s penalty for an incident with Alonso that saw the Renault driver leave and rejoin the track with an advantage.

By lap 24/53 the top leaders were Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel, Ricciardo and Perez. Verstappen made another stop this time taking on supersofts. At the Renault camp, Palmer was forced to retire after the team discovered an issue with his car.

Vettel made his stop from third and rejoined in fourth with a new set of soft tires. Hamilton also made his stop on lap 32 leaving the lead to Bottas, he also switched into softs. Bottas made his stop as well and Hamilton reclaimed the lead again. After the pit stops window, Hamilton led the field away from Bottas, Ricciardo, Vettel, Raikkonen, Ocon and Stroll. Ricciardo was yet to pit, he was on softs and could last longer.

“Where’s Palmer?” asked Alonso…and he was told the Renault driver was out, his response was “Karma..”
Ricciardo meanwhile made his stop on lap 39/53 and switched from softs to supersofts, the Red Bull rejoined ahead of Stroll and Ocon in fifth, and even managed to pass Raikkonen for fourth place on lap 41.

By lap 46/53, the gap between Hamilton and Bottas was 3s, as the leader had suffered a power blip. These two were however 33s ahead of Vettel in third place. Ricciardo meanwhile was setting fastest laps, his latest being 1m23.675s, Hamilton managed to smash that but Ricciardo made a comeback with a much faster one on 1m23.361s.

“Fernando, back off, back off – we need to retire the car.” that was just after Ericsson was told he needs to retire as well on lap 52. Hamilton meanwhile went ahead to win the Italian GP 2017 leading Bottas and Vettel.



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