Meet the VLF F1 V10 Roadster, one of Henrik Fisker’s latest creations. Based on the Dodge Viper, the VLF F1 V10 Roadster has a wealth of naturally-aspirated V10 power under its hood.

Dodge’s 8.4-liter naturally-aspirated V10 is good for 755 hp and 865 Nm of torque, giving the roadster some serious potential. Thanks to all-carbon bodywork the weight of the roadster is brought down to just 1,538 kilograms. The VLF F1 V10 Roadster should be capable of reaching a top speed higher than 320 km/h.

VLF didn’t go through extraordinary effort to mask the fact the car is based on the Dodge Viper. We immediately notice the characteristic side exhausts, which are given a slightly different shape and trim on the VLF F1. A slimmer and less bulky design sets it visually apart from the Viper. Especially when you look at the Fisker Karma-inspired head- and taillights it becomes evident that this creation came straight from Henrik Fisker’s drawing table.

The Viper-based open-top supercar doesn’t come cheap. The coupé is priced at $268,500, so we expect the roadster to come in well above that. For more information on the VLF F1 V10 Roadster, make sure to read our earlier release.

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