Tesla is recalling 53,000 of its cars due to a faulty parking brake, according to a statement on its website on Thursday. It appears to concern vehicles that were built between February and October 2016. It’s the brand’s second-largest recall so far.

The specific problem seems to be a a small gear that could have been manufactured improperly by a third-pary supplier; “If this gear were to break, the parking brake would continue to keep the car from moving, but the parking brake would then be stuck in place.”

Of the 53,000 recalled vehicles, which include both the Model S and Model X, less than 5 per cent are affected by the problem. Tesla further added: “We do not believe this issue could ever lead to a safety concern for our customers, and we have not seen a single accident or injury relating to it. However, in order to be overly cautious, we are going to be proactively replacing these parts to ensure that no issues arise.”

The brand’s largest recall so far was one that involved 90,000 Model S sedans back in November 2015. Over the year 2016 Tesla managed to produce 84,000 vehicles. With the production of the new Model 3 set to start this July, the company is hoping to see 500,000 vehicles roll off the assembly line in the year 2018.

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