2017 is almost one month old, here are the top ten supercars that we are looking forward to throughout the year. Some have already been announced or teased while others will receive complete debuts in coming weeks. Geneva Motor Show 2017 for example holds the largest share of these surprises, all in all, 2017 will be nothing short of epic for the automotive world.

12. BMW F90 M5

600hp is like the new black in the luxury car scene especially the mid-sized segment, the 2018 BMW F90 M5 will join the likes of the new Mercedes-AMG E63 S by developing similar power output in excess of 600hp plus. New to the M5 will be the availability of all-wheel drive, several sources have also reported that rear-wheel drive will be available from the push of a button. More rumors suggest that the F90 M5 will hit naught to 100 km/h in just 3.5s! A release date is yet to be confirmed, expect to see the 2018 BMW M5 towards the end of the year.

11. Lamborghini Aventador S

The Lamborghini Aventador S is more of a facelift for the now 6-year old LP700-4 Aventador. The front apron received a completely different look while the 6.5L V12 now produces 740hp, up from 700hp. Lamborghini’s Independent Shifting Rod (ISR) 7-speed gearbox is fitted as standard. The Aventador S’ new exhaust is 20% lighter than the outgoing model. The first cars will leave the factory in Spring 2017. Prices will start from 281,555 euros without taxes.

10. Lamborghini Huracan Performante

A lighter version of the Lamborghini Huracan has been testing for quite some time now. We expect to see it sometime this year wearing a new badge with lightweight being the focal point just like the Gallardo Superleggera. The Huracan Superleggera is expected to receive a power boost of 10-20 horsepower or even more over the standard car, bringing output of the supercar’s 5.2-liter V10 to 620-630hp or more. Lamborghini will also strip 100 kilograms of weight from the Huracan in moving to the lightweight Performante model. With the Gallardo, the Performante was the convertible version of the Superleggera.

9. Porsche 991.2 GT3

The 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 facelift will harbor a plethora of changes key among them being a new 4.0L H6 unit tweaked from the 3.8L unit found on the current model. Additionally, a six speed manual transmission will be offered for the first time since the 997 GT3 ceased production in 2011. This and a few exterior changes will make the 991.2 GT3 an even more people’s Porsche. Power output should increase from the current 475hp to around 500hp found on current GT3 RS and R models.

8. Dodge Challenger Demon

Dodge likes scary names, and they reserve these unhinged names for their range topping models like the upcoming Dodge Challenger Demon. So apparently this is a more hardcore Hellcat, 200 pounds lighter and possibly pushing more than the 707hp found on the Hellcat. A new clip by Vin Diesel is believed to have leaked the Demon, but Dodge will continue to tease us with videos of the Demon dedicated site here. Okay Dodge, we are officially scared.

7. Porsche 911 GT2 RS

The GT2 RS is coming. The badass and more steroidal Porsche based on the 911 Turbo model has been testing for months, spy shots have been captured including some we saw in form of a GT3 RS body shell. The GT2 model hails from a generation of 911 Turbo race cars, immortalized by the likes of the 993 GT2, cars that came with stripped out interiors and now go for millions in auctions. While this will not be the case with the upcoming GT2 RS (at least for now), its nature of immense power will re-emerge again, the 3.8L H6 twin-turbo unit should develop over 650hp.

6. Ferrari F12M

Also not its official name, the Ferrari ‘F12M’ will be the final version of the F12berlinetta. It will be the last naturally aspirated V12 from Ferrari and although not as exclusive as the F12tdf, its very nature of being the last N/A V12 will place it in a class of its own demand. That said, expect F12tdf prices to shake off a bit, more so, the F12berlinetta prices should fall. This model is similar to Lamborghini’s Aventador S. We expect to see it at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 in March, special viewing will be carried out before then to select Ferrari clients around the world.

5. McLaren 720S

The McLaren 720S will replace the outgoing 650S, McLaren has revealed a few details about it including the use of a new carbon fibre Monocage II body structure. It will be lighter, faster and a lot of other things. The 3.8L V8 TT has done McLaren quite some wonders across their model range, the 570S alone is a really fast car so expect some gaga performance with the new 720S. Details regarding powertrain have not been revealed but we shall know that soon as it debuts at Geneva Motor Show 2017.

McLaren P14

4. NextEV Nio EP9 Hypercar

The NextEV Hypercar is a 1360bhp all electric car built by Chinese backed NextEV, dubbed Nio, the hypercar benefits from technology used by the NextEV Formula E team. The car will be shown at Geneva Motor Show 2017. It has a range of 265 miles and reportedly lapped the Nurburgring in 7min 5.12sec, that is 8s slower than the Porsche 918 Spyder.

3. Pagani Huayra Roadster

The Pagani Huayra Roadster will debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. Pagani has already dropped a few teasers showing what to expect beforehand. The renders reveal the new glasshouse layout with tall buttresses fitted with rows of venting. The render reveals that the front gets a front splitter similar in style to the Tempesta package. More details will follow in coming weeks.

2017 Pagani Huayra Roadster

2. Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001

The Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001 which has now been sold out – yes, all 150 units – promises to be the fastest and most powerful Aston Martin ever made. Initially, a 99 car production run was planned, however, this has since increased to 150. The production and engineering process will be handled by Q by Aston Martin Advanced and Red Bull Advanced Technologies. a naturally aspirated V12 engine. Aston Martin have indicated that they are aiming for a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio – 1 bhp per kilo. We are expecting its output to range between 900 hp and 1000 hp or more.

1. Mercedes-AMG Hypercar

Mercedes-AMG Hypercar dubbed AMG Project ONE was properly teased at Detroit Motor Show 2017. The highly efficient and powerful Formula One World Champion drivetrain accompanied by a purely electric and wheel selective front axle drive concept is expected to develop a combined system power of more than 1,000 hp.

The AMG hypercar will be unveiled next year in September at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show and celebrates AMG’s 50th Anniversary. The AMG hypercar is strictly limited – exactly how many cars is not determined yet but Moers aims at between 200 and 300 cars. As it stands the number of interested customers is about to exceed this number so we can expect the full allocation to be sold rather quickly.

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