An official report shows that most manufacturers managed to do better than the European Union-mandated goal for CO2 emissions in 2015. The two exceptions? Ferrari and Aston Martin who both face penalties for failing to hit their own individual goals.

The report concludes that new cars sold in the EU in 2015 emitted on average 119.5 grams of CO2 per km, 8 percent below their target of 130 g/km and a 3.1 percent decrease over the previous year. The next targets, set for 2020/21, will require manufacturers to further reduce CO2 to 95 g/km.

Ferrari and Aston Martin will be fined by the EU to the tune of a combined 500,000 euros between them. Ferrari will get the lions share of the fines with a total of 410,760 euros to pay while Aston Martin’s fine of 36,370 euros appears trivial.

Aside from the two sports car manufacturers, FCA, Opel, Ford and BMW were cited as needing to deliver bigger emission improvements in the next five years. The companies who managed the best results include Peugeot with 104 g/km followed by Citroen and Renault, each with 106 g/km, and Toyota at 108 g/km. Jaguar Land Rover had the highest emissions average at 164 g/km.

Diesel and gasoline cars accounted for 97.2 percent of new registrations; 51.8 percent of those were diesel. More than 1 percent were plug-in hybrid and battery powered electric vehicles with LPG and compressed natural gas making up the remainder.

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  1. Oh well, 400,000 Euro is fairly trivial as well; at worst they will have to build an extra LaFerrari. One-off special “CO2 edition”, anyone? :)


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