The last couple of months more and more news, rumours and spy shots have surfaced on the upcoming third generation Bentley Continental GT. We caught up with Rolf Frech, Bentley Board Member for Engineering to fact check some of the rumours and talk about the next gen Bentley Continental.

At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show Bentley wowed the attending motoring press and visitors with a stunning concept car; the EXP 10 Speed Six. This car has not received the green light yet. But there is good news anyway; recent spy shots and some of our intel shows that the new Continental GT will receive a lot of styling elements first shown on the EXP 10 Speed Six. This include a new front face, a sharper side profile and a lower and sportier rear. The Bentley typical emphasis on the rear wheel arches will remain but will be accentuated even more with a sharper line.

A lot of questions have been asked about the future of the W12 but Bentley stays true to this immensely powerful engine in the next generation Continental. In addition, a new V8 engine sourced from Porsche should make its way into the new Continental GT – although Mr Frech did not confirm or deny it during our interview.

The aluminium body and chassis will be built at the Porsche Panamera factory in Leipzig. Not surprising considering both cars share VW Group’s MSB platform. Even though the solid W12 returns the next-gen Conti should become significantly lighter and sportier than its predecessor. The new Continental will maintain a unique position as an ultra luxury grand tourer that stands out without a direct competitor in its price range.

When can we expect the new Continental GT? Bentley CEO Durheimer answered: “When my colleague Rolf Frech is ready.” He did confirm it will be unveiled at an international motor show but when that will be exactly remains to be seen. However IAA 2017 and Geneva Motor Show 2018 are realistic options for Bentley as things stand now. Either way, we can’t wait!

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