Arguably Audi’s most important reveal at the 2016 Paris Motor Show is the new second generation Audi Q5. Their best-selling mid-size SUV is one of their most successful vehicles and one of the last to be redesigned according to the brand’s latest design language.

Having a closer look at the new Q5 at the show we found that the use of lightweight materials and the fact that a total of 90 kg was shaved off the car’s total weight was immediately noticeable by just opening and closing the trunk.

The car’s interior got a significant update too and is very comparable to the interior trend that Audi started with the new Q7 and A4 last year. Audi’s optional virtual cockpit is at the heart of the interior design and every aspect of the interior looks a bit more fresh.

For more detailed information regarding the new Q5 please read our earlier release. We will head over to Mexico – where the new Q5 will be produced – to test drive the new Q5 next week, by then we will have a more solid opinion about the successor of the brand’s best-selling SUV.

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