Porsche specialist Techart released a teaser gallery of their upcoming 2017 Techart GTstreet R that is due for unveiling later this year. The tuned GTstreet R is based on the latest Porsche 911 Turbo S and is expected to be even more extreme than its predecessors.

It’s been five years since the official presentation of the Techart GTstreet RS which is based on the 997 GT2 RS, while the GTstreet model line has been around ever since the first GTstreet edition came out back in 2001, based on the Porsche 996 GT2.

According to Techart the concept ‘GTstreet’ stands for ‘a consequent symbiosis of suitability for daily use, distinctive design and increased track performance’. A lot of fancy words that basically come down to a brutal street-legal race car. If any of the previous GTstreet versions are anything to go by, we are very excited to see what Techart comes up with at the finish line of 2016.

Until then, final testing is currently done at their facility and for now the German tuner provided us with a first impression of a camouflaged prototype. Check out the gallery below!

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