As news about this year’s Monterey car week is flowing in we came across this rather special auction. A classic 1963 Ferrari 330 LMB with serial number 4381SA will be offered for a private treaty sale by Rick Cole auctions.

It concerns the very one example that was shown at the March 1963 Ferrari conference celebrating the launch of Scuderia’s latest 4.0-liter prototype racing Berlinetta. Only four examples of the 330 LMB were built and it remains as one of the rarest classic V12 Ferrari racing cars.

The car has a rich history and was originally designed to compete in the 4-liter experimental prototype class in the FIA sanctioned 1963 international racing season. With a 400 hp SOHC drysump V12 the 330 was the first ever car to hit 300 km/h on the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans. This particular car also made an appearance in the 1960 Frederico Fellini film, further contributing to its unique history.

The car is said to be in a remarkable state still boasting the original body, chassis, differential, engine and gearbox. On top of that all components were Ferrari Classiche Red Book certified back in 2010. Considering the 330 LMB is far more capable than the 250 GTO and also far more rarer, it would be interesting to see what this Italian classic brings in!

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