Koenigsegg engineers never sleep. Chassis #107 Koenigsegg One:1 which crashed a few days ago at the Nurburgring will be back soon, the team is working tirelessly to get the car back in shape and for that you won’t be seeing them at the Ring till the rebuild is complete.

In a new statement by Koenigsegg regarding the One:1 accident, they confirmed the cause of the crash to be a front axle brake lock-up, that occurred at 170 km/h, the car hit the guardrail at 110 km/h before flying into the air 22 meters high. All safety systems including the airbags and fuel shut-off deployed precisely on time.

The exact cause of the crash has been traced to the front left ABS wheel sensor signal. The ABS warning light turned on but its central location on the dashboard may be hard to notice especially if the driver is fully geared up with a helmet and concentrating on high speed driving. That said, as long as the driver is not near the ABS braking zone, his braking remains normal. You can read the full analysis here.

Despite the impact of the crash, the carbon monocoque chassis remained intact protecting the driver fully. There were no oil, fuel or fluid leaks and the doors are still functioning. The removable roof is also intact, meaning the rebuild will be completed in due time.

Regarding the small fire at the rear, it was caused by friction between the carbon fiber and the already hot exhaust – the driver put it out afterwards.

Koenigsegg will provide updates on the rebuild process gradually.

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