To honor the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, a portrait made entirely out of car parts has been created in the UK. The reason why such a portrait seems fitting for the occasion, is the fact that Queen Elizabeth II is actually one of the most famous mechanics in the UK history, said Dhiren Master, Marketing Director of Kwik Fit.

During the second world war, the Queen served as a mechanic in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service, a branch of the British Army. At her own insistence, the British Queen learned how to change wheels, deconstruct and rebuild engines, and drive ambulances. To honor the Queen’s duty, a team of Kwik Fit technicians teamed up with artist David Parfitt to create this piece of art paying homage to the Queen’s years working as a technician.

Suitably called ‘The Queen of Parts’, the artwork incorporates over 800 individual car parts and plays the lead role in Kwik Fit’s latest marketing campaign. What are your thoughts on this portrait made of car parts?


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