Pricing for the world’s most powerful diesel SUV has been released by Audi, showing a base price of €89,900 in Germany. The V8 SQ7 TDI will arrive in showrooms this summer.

The V8 TDI power plant is a first for Audi’s largest performance SUV, producing 435 hp (320 kW) and 900 Nm of torque. The diesel powered SQ7 takes care of a 0-100 sprint in just 4.8 seconds and has an electronically governed top speed of 250 km/h.

Part of the magic behind the powerful engine is an electric powered compressor (EPC) which is a true novelty first featured on the Audi SUV. The EPC plays a supportive role to the two turbochargers with a focus on the lower revs, securing the most agile start possible. In addition its job is to minimize any hint of turbo lag.

Powering the EPC is a 48-volt electrical subsystem that peaks at 7 kW. The Audi SQ7 TDI is Audi’s first car to feature this higher-power electrical system. Additionally the system also paves the way for the electromechanical active roll stabilization module. The electromechanical active roll stabilization feature similarly is a new technological solution in this particular market. It makes for better and sportier handling while diminishing car rolls on bends and reducing the tendency to understeer.

Available for order from mid-May, the €89,900 base price in Germany already includes €10k worth of features that are optional on the standard Q7. These ‘options’ that come standard with the performance Q7 include LED headlights, adaptive air suspension, a three-spoke sports steering wheel with shift paddles, an even larger 85-liter gas tank, heated sport seats with Alcantara leather, 20-inch wheels, aluminum inlays and a more dynamic overall look.

Customers looking for more bling and options that facilitate a superior dynamic experience can opt for the advanced dynamic driving package, which comprises of three different technology modules; Quattro with sport differential, all-wheel steering and the new electromechanical active roll stabilization.

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