Cleveland’s most exclusive car dealership have just taken delivery of a second Aston Martin Vulcan. The brutal track-only car that will be limited in production will join another Vulcan that already made its way to Cleveland Motorsports a few months ago.

Cleveland Motorsports exclusive car dealership released the following after taking delivery of the exquisite British track car: “Today, we can confidently say, we are the only dealership in the United States with 2 of the most incredible Aston Martins created. 2 of the 3 coming to the US are currently sitting under our roof right now!”

The Vulcan that was delivered last week is the second unit of a total of three units that are coming to the United States. Two of them are now in the hands of Cleveland Motorsports. This example in particular is finished in a dark shade of blue and joins a red Aston Martin Vulcan in the Cleveland dealership showroom.

The ultimate track tool produced by Aston Martin has a supposed price tag of $5 million. What are your thoughts on these special looking Aston Martin Vulcan’s and their price tag? Let us know in the comments section below!



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