The ABT Audi QS7 is one of ABT’s debuts at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 this week. The ABT Audi QS7 is built upon the latest generation Audi Q7 and can be built upon both petrol or diesel versions.

The most dramatic part of the package is ABT’s bodykit which consists of a wide-body aero enhancements. It includes a front skirt, fender extensions, door strip attachments and a rear skirt set. ABT also fit a characteristic angular four-pipe exhaust system. If the wide body version is too much for you, the ABT QS7 is available as a narrow-body version, with no fender extensions, a special rear spoiler and fender inserts.

ABT have fettled the 3 litre TFSI, boosting power by 77 hp for a total of 410 hp. ABT also off tuning for diesel engines including the 3 litre turbocharged Q7 which gets 325 hp, up from 272 hp. Both power gains are realised through the use of ABT’s chip tuning technology.

The ABT Audi QS7 gets lower suspension and a new set of ABT Sportsline wheels. Wheel options available to customers include CR, DR or FR in 20 or 22 inches. We understand that the car pictured features FR design wheels measuring 10 x 22’’ with 305/30 R22 tyres. Plenty of interior upgrades are also available too including floor mats, boot mats and entrance lights.

Geneva Motor Show 2016

For more details on the ABT Audi QS7, take a look at our earlier article. For the latest from the Geneva Motor Show 2016, take a look at our dedicated news channel. We will be updating you throughout the event!

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