Alongside the Zenvo TS1 at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 sits the Zenvo TSR. The TSR is a track-only version of the TS1. Very few details have been released, however, we understand that the TS1 runs the exact same technical specifications as the TS1, it just adds uses a stripped out interior and some aerodynamic tweets to reduce weight and increase agility. We took a closer look.

The Zenvo TS1 comes with a 5.9 litre twin supercharged V8 engine producing slightly more power than it did previously allowing it to reach speeds of 375 km/h. Zenvo haven’t actually confirmed the official power statistics for the vehicle unfortunately. It gets a 7-speed synchronized paddle shifted gear box with auto mode, and a 7-speed race inspired paddle shifted gearbox with dog-engagement.

The Zenvo TSR comes with an internal roll cage and a completely stripped out interior. On the outside it gains an aggressive front splitter with a side skirt, a huge rear spoiler and a new diffuser. The TSR now looks like a stripped out racer, ready to do battle at Le Mans or the 24 Hours of Spa!

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Take a look at our live photos above. For more from the Geneva Motor Show 2016, don’t forget to check out our dedicated news feed.

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