Hot on the heels of the reveal of its 1471 hp 2016 Hennessey Venom GT, the company has suggested that it could eventually produce an all-electric variant of the American-built hypercar.

While speaking with Top Gear at SEMA 2015, the company’s found John Hennessey said “We’re considering doing something with electricity. We’ve looked at it and I’ve got friends in that field, I’m just waiting for the batteries to become lighter and have more capacity. But I don’t think that’s far away.”

Most importantly, an electric Hennessey Venom GT installed with current batteries would weigh in excess of 2000 kg, hence why the company is being patient for lightweight batteries to be developed.

Interestingly, Hennessey said that he has no interest in producing a hybrid and is only interested in internally-combustion engines and straight electric powertrains.

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