Video: Six Porsche 918 Spyders Hit the Streets of California

    With 297 examples of the rare Porsche 918 Spyder bound for the U.S, the country will quite easily have the largest collection of 918s anywhere in the world. Even still, seeing more than one driving in convoy is something very rare but after Monterey Car Week in August, six 918s hit the streets together and created a truly unforgettable scene.

    The drive saw the group of hybrid hypercars heading from Santa Monica down to Newport Beach and among them was the 918 of Alejandro Salomon. It stood out from all other examples thanks to its incredible wrap from Sticker City combining a number of bright blue elements with black in a very interesting and sleek design.

    Of the six 918 Spyders participating, four of them were fitted with the Weissach aerodynamics and weight saving package. Those Weissach models also had some interesting liveries and paint finishes with one painted white and include light blue racing stripes. Of course, each and every one looks absolutely stunning and if we saw them driving past in convoy, we may have fainted!

    One highlight of the following video comes at the 2:30 mark when three of the 918s raced each other at the traffic lights!

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