Niche Middle Eastern automaker W Motors has just released a teaser image and preliminary details about its upcoming Fenyr Supersport hypercar. The car will be even more powerful than the limited-edition Lykan Hypersport which made global headlines after its role in Furious 7.

Underpinning the W Motors Fenyr Supersport will be the same RUF 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged flat-six engine found in the Hypersport. However, power is tipped to be lifted from 740 hp to a Bugatti Veyron-beating 1000 hp. What’s more, the Fenyr Supersport will reportedly weigh a mere 1200 kg providing it with truly insane performance.

Interestingly and despite its improved performance, the Fenyr Supersport will apparently cost significantly less than the $3.4 million Hypersport with a price tag of just over $1 million. To help achieve that lower price, the company is expected to ditch the diamond-encrusted headlights of the Hypersport as well as its holographic display. Additionally, up to 25 Fenyr Supersport models could be produced annually, rather than the seven units of the Hypersport built.

The car will be unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show 2015 on November 10. Based on this teaser image, we expect an absolutely insane looking beast with a design to match its impressive claimed performance.

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