Given the technology underpinning the Lexus LFA and despite its absurdly high price tag, all 500 examples were quickly sold by the Japanese firm. The LFA is so well loved among enthusiasts and owners alike that even if Lexus decided to produce an LFA Shooting Brake, it would likely sell out almost immediately. To give us an idea of how such a car could look, Rain Prisk Designs has dreamt up the following creation.

Starting with a yellow LFA, the car has been rendered with matte black lower body panels and a custom set of silver wheels. Of course, the car’s most interesting element if the overhauled roofline which now reaches back towards the rear of the car before sloping down a steeply-raked rear window. Given the sporty nature of the LFA, this Shooting Brake derivative has been designed with very slim side windows.

When launched, the key selling point of the LFA was its 4.8-litre V10 engine. That engine is incredibly high-revving and revs so fast that it necessitates a digital rev counter.

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