If you’ve ever dreamt about visiting the Amazon, chances are you thought you’d have to trek through the rainforest and camp in uncomfortable tents in the hot and humid conditions. Thanks to Aqua Expeditions however, there is a much more luxurious and comfortable way to experience the wondrous Amazon rainforest.

The company has two expansive luxury cruise ships dubbed the Aqua Amazon and Aria Amazon which tour the rainforest’s exceptionally long rivers in complete comfort.

The two ships recently underwent extensive refurbishments courtesy of architect Jordi Pluig and feature materials from around the world including from Indonesia, Shanghai and Thailand. As the pictures show, the boats have been designed to absolutely maximise interior space with three different levels featuring.

Each of the guest rooms of the Aqua Amazon and Aria Amazon provide uninterrupted views of the Amazon courtesy of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Also found within the ships are a number of outdoor observation decks and dining options.

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