Goldgenie, a London-based gold-plating and product customization company, will start taking pre-orders for 24-karat gold, rose gold and platinum-crusted iPhone 6S models from 31 August 2015.

“As soon as the new iPhone 6S launches, Goldgenie will be offering its signature luxury customised versions of this highly anticipated smartphone. The iPhone 6S will be available in 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum in Goldgenie’s classic elite models,” the firm states.

“Customers will also be able to have their luxury customized iPhone 6s personalized with a laser engraving of their choice. The luxury customized iPhone 6s will be available on its own or as part of a gift set with a matching luxury customized Apple Watch.”

Goldgenie has given no information regarding the price, but it will likely exceed £2,000, considering a 24-karat gold-plated iPhone 6 costs £1,977 (excluding VAT). Although the company has a countdown to 31 August on its website, clearly indicating that the pre-orders will commence from that date, it’s worth noting that the iPhone 6S is not expected to be launched before 9 September 2015. In fact, Apple is yet to release any official details about the phone.

Nonetheless, the iPhone 6S will likely to feature a similar design to its predecessor, but with upgraded features. Reports suggest that the camera will be updated with 4K video recording and the phone will also get Apple’s new ‘Force Touch’ technology, already seen in the company’s watches and some of the latest Macbooks.

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