Audi and Porsche developing V6 and V8 engines

It has just emerged that Audi and Porsche have joined forces for a new engineering programme to develop a selection of turbocharged V6 and V8 engines.

The new engines created by the collaboration between the Volkswagen Group siblings will replace the existing V6 and V8 engines used by both Audi and Porsche. The new engines will each feature a shared 90 degree architecture as well as 500 cc cylinders. Consequently, the V6 will displace 3.0-litres while the V8 will be a 4.0-litre unit.

When initially launched, the engines will make use of traditional turbocharging and in the future, electric turbocharging could be introduced. Due to the common 500 cc cylinder capacity shared across the new family of engines, they will be scalable with Audi potentially also introducing a 2.5-litre V6.

The completed turbo V6 and V8 engines will ultimately find their way into numerous Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Volkswagen models and maybe even cars from Lamborghini.


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