Home Videos Video: Three Dodge SRT Hellcats Perform Powerslides!

Video: Three Dodge SRT Hellcats Perform Powerslides!


Not too long ago, we brought you some epic footage of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat going drifting along some of the finest mountains roads in America. If one wanted to top that however, how would you go about it? Well the following videographer decided the best way was to gather three epic SRT Hellcats together for a truly epic display of rear-wheel drive wonder.


Seemingly filmed on closed streets, the video shows the 707 hp strong American muscle cars doing what they do best; burning rubber without a second thought. With one stab of the throttle, these SRT Hellcats get sideways and can be seen sliding around corners, traffic islands and even everyday roads all in tandem and all in glorious full HD!



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