Third McLaren P1 Arrives in New Zealand

New Zealand has just taken delivery of its third McLaren P1 with this particular example finished in Volcano Yellow and in typical P1 style, it is exceptionally flamboyant.

Volcano Yellow McLaren P1

Interestingly, the McLaren P1 is only produced left hand drive and like its neighbour Australia, New Zealand drives on the left hand side of the road so typically requires right hand drive vehicles. As a result of this, there aren’t any P1s in Australia. In NZ however, there are a range of exemptions offered to allow select LHD vehicles onto the streets and it seems apparent that this P1 has been granted one such exemption.

Alongside the Volcano Yellow paint job, this P1 features a host of gloss carbon fibre elements as with most P1s. Consequently, much of the front bumper and splitter package is made from lightweight carbon fibre as are elements of the doors and the wing mirrors. A gloss black roof, roof scoop and decklid are also featured as are matte black wheels. Completing the exterior are silver brake calipers.

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