On the back of Top Gear recently suspending Jeremy Clarkson after punching a producer, Clarkson has alluded that he may leave the British motoring show in his column in The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom.

In the column, Clarkson said “I think it’s fair to say that nature made a mistake when it invented the dinosaur. It was too big, too violent and with such small and puny arms it was never going to be able to operate heavy machinery or even enjoy a bit of special “me” time.

“All the dinosaurs died and now, years later, no-one mourns their passing. These big, imposing creatures have no place in a world which has moved on,” he said.

While that is far from confirmation, it certainly seems that Jeremy Clarkson is at least considering leaving Top Gear. If that were to happen, then there’s a strong possibility that Top Gear as we know it would also be cancelled indefinitely.

When discussing a recent petition with over 880,000 signatures asking for his reinstatement to Top Gear from the BBC, Clarkson said “You can start as many campaigns as you like and call on the support of politicians from all sides, but the day must come when you have to wave goodbye to the big monsters, and move on.”


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