Mysterious Lexus LFA Roadster at Media Ambition Tokyo 2015

All 500 of the planned Lexus LFAs have been built, but it appears as though the Japanese automaker has more than one drop-top example of the V10 supercar to keep for itself. We knew it owned a white LFA Roadster, however it showcased a previously unseen yellow example at the recent Media Ambition Tokyo 2015.

Mysterious Lexus LFA Roadster at Media Ambition Tokyo 2015

The yellow LFA was used in a special video and sound installation called “1,120” which is derived from the 1220 mm height of the LFA. As visitors sit in the car, a screen above them shows a series of locations passing by, giving them the illusion they are travelling down a road.

This unique yellow Lexus LFA Roadster may be busy giving Media Ambition Tokyo attendees a virtual supercar experience, but we’d love to see it out at a future auto show or even driving in the hands of Lexus employees.

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