The next-generation Audi Q7 is set to become the first model from the Volkswagen Group to be available with a plug-in hybrid diesel powertrain.

Alongside being the first model from the Volkswagen Group using such a system, the diesel plug-in hybrid Audi Q7 will become just the second car with such a powertrain for sale in Europe after the Volvo V60. The offering of such a system from Audi will put it one step ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz which currently only offer plug-in petrol powertrains.

While speaking with Automotive News Europe recently, Audi development chief boss Ulrich Hackenberg confirmed that the new Audi Q7 plug-in will use a 3.0-litre V6 diesel mated to an electric motor. Unfortunately we’ll likely have to wait until the car is revealed next year to find out specifics about the powertrain.\

[Via Automotive News]


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