Video: 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

Land Rover has just released an intriguing teaser video previewing the interior of the upcoming Land Rover Discovery Sport. The new SUV will replace the Freelander and is promising to be a massive step up in the world of entry-level luxury off-roaders.

The short video gives us glimpses of the brand new dashboard and large infotainment system as well as the advanced surround sound system. It also gives us our first look at the new seven-seat layout as well as a large sunroof.


After months and months of rigorous testing all around the world, the Land Rover Discovery Sport will debut on September 3rd. To help ensure the new Discovery Sport is a true game-changer, it has been tested all around the globe.

When recently discussing the testing schedule of the car, Land Rover programme director Murray Dietsch said, “Discovery Sport prototypes have covered approximately 750,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) during the testing phase, in some of the world’s harshest and most challenging terrains and climates.

Video: 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

“A total of 181 prototype vehicles were built, completing over 11,000 tests over their lifetimes around the globe, ensuring total confidence in the robustness of build and design of the vehicles,” he said.

During testing, Land Rover Discovery Sport prototypes have been taken to some of the world’s harshest destinations with testing temperatures ranging from a bitterly cold -36 degrees Celsius all the way up to 42 degrees Celsius. What’s more, Land Rover has been feverishly testing the off-road capabilities of the Discovery Sport to ensure it is worthy of wearing the Land Rover badge. Some of these tests have included wading through water up to 0.6 metres high while climbing 40 degree slopes and dropping down 45 degree hills.

It is believed that the new Land Rover Discovery Sport will utilise a modified version of the Range Rover Evoque’s platform. Additionally, it will be the first new Land Rover to take design inspiration from the concept presented at the New York Motor Show and consequently feature many of the groundbreaking technologies from that concept.

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