Video: Jaguar Previews Virtual Windscreen Technology

Just after the first details about Jaguar’s new advanced virtual windscreen was released, an excellent video has been posted perfectly demonstrating some of the capabilities of the advanced system.

One of the coolest technologies Jaguar has previewed is its virtual windscreen demonstrated in the video above. It features heads of displays which can show things like sat-nav, hazard warnings as well as all the features you’d normally expect from a complete instrument cluster. What is noteworthy is that the Jaguar system can display information on the entire windscreen rather than just in front of the driver. As a result, it can be used on race tracks to show ‘ghost’ F-Types showing your record laps just like a racing game.


Additionally, it could also display things like virtual cones on the road as well as racing lines and braking zones helping the driver to extract the very best out of Jaguar’s sports cars on track.

Another system is the laser referencing system. It could for example project the outline and width of a car on the road surface to ensure the driver can perfectly judge the width of their car. This would be ideal in tight parking situations as well as narrow streets. Elsewhere, the laser projections could project lines onto the road and display arrows when turning for example. This would eliminate the need for indicators. What’s more, such technology could work out the depth of water which would be perfect for Range Rover and Land Rover models heading off-road.

Alongside these safety measures, the laser technology could see the head for normal headlamps. For example, high beam headlights may no longer by necessary as the laser lights can help increase vision at night. What this means is that the size of headlights could reduce dramatically which could see a large change in modern car design.

It doesn’t stop there. A system dubbed Smart Assistant learns the preferences of the driver and can determine what they want. For example, if your smartphone is synced with the car, as soon as you open the door it will adjust the seat, mirrors, climate control and steering wheel to your desired settings. This could be particularly handy if you share your car with a partner.

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