Tesla Model S Splits in Half and Catches Fire After 160km/h Police Chase

A Tesla Model S has been absolutely destroyed following a high speed police chase and crash in West Hollywood.

The Tesla Model S was stolen from a local dealership and before long, police were chasing it. However, the chase was called off when a police cruiser was involved in a minor crash. The Model S continued at high speed until it eventually crashed into a synagogue and split in half before bursting into flames. Police estimate the expensive electric sedan crashed at 160 km/h (100 mph).

The driver of the Model S was flung from the car and he is now in a critical condition in hospital. Additionally, an occupant in one of the cars the Model S crashed into is in a critical condition with two others in serious condition in hospital.

As the images show, the front passenger compartment remained in the middle of the road while the rear end ended up lodged in the entrance to the synagogue.

Witness on the scene report the fire of the Tesla Model S to be extremely intense with sparks being thrown up into the air while police crews watched on helplessly.

If the Model S driver survives his injuries, he will likely face numerous charges including reckless driving.

[Via Motor Authority and Jalopnik]

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  1. There has been two, perhaps three Tesla crashes that Tesla batteries have had fires and explosions from thermal runaways. Additionally 2 other Teslas have had battery fires from thermal runaways after only hitting debris in the road. The last two days there has been fiery crashes involving Teslas. The fiery Tesla crash from a couple days ago, the Tesla battery broke apart burned and exploded. Tesla battery cells can be seen burning, exploding and shooting off like flaming rockets about 60 feet or more in the air. The Tesla Inferno was spreading toxic fumes and fire. The driver was hospitalized in critical condition and might die. Emergency responders risked their lives fighting the Tesla battery fires, explosions, shrapnel and hazardous toxic fumes.

    Tesla charge connections are also a fire hazard. There’s been a lot of UMCs that have overheated, melted and burned.

    There also has been at least 2 garage fires involving Teslas. A fire department ruled that the Tesla universal mobile charger was a possible source of one of the Tesla garage fires.

    No mystery why the Tesla model S’s nickname is Toaster. The Tesla model S. unsafe like Ford Pintos.

    Tesla’s are dangerous no matter how dishonest people spin it. Lithium drive batteries are more likely to catch fire and explode after being punctured than gasoline tanks.


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