Meet “Tesla Jens" from the Arctic Circle; Owns 7 Tesla Cars

For certain people, there are certain brands and makes on the market which get their hearts racing unlike anything else. One notable collection we featured on GTspirit last year was the world’s largest Dodge/SRT Viper collection. Now, we may have just found the largest Tesla collection.

Jens Kratholm is a 56-year-old ophthalmologist who lives in Narvik in Norway. This city sits 220 km inside the bitterly cold yet stunningly beautiful Arctic Circle and is one of the northernmost cities in the world. It is so cold that the annual average temperature is just 3.6 degrees Celsius!

Kratholm’s collection consists of six Tesla Roadsters and one Model S. One of the Roadsters belongs to his wife while the others are driven by the couple’s adult six children! It’s no wonder he has become known as Tesla Jens…


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