Yellow Ferrari F355 Crashes in Germany

A yellow Ferrari F355 coupe has been destroyed in Germany after rolling several times.

Local authorities are still investigating the crash but it is speculated that the F355 lost traction going around a left hand bend in the road. It then speared off the road where it rolled multiple times before coming to rest on its roof. Despite the severity of the crash, both the 35 year old driver and his 28 year old brother managed to escape the wreck with only minor injuries.

While speaking about the crash, the driver said that he lost control of the car after trying to avoid a rabbit on the road. With a speed limit of 100 km/h and the possibility that the driver was going even faster than that, it isn’t surprising to see the damage suffered by the Ferrari.

The entire rear end has been destroyed as has the front. Additionally, the roof would have inevitably suffered severe damage during the crash. Further, the left rear tyre got ripped from the car and thrown onto the other side of the road.

[Via WA]

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