Insane Reiter Lamborghini Gallardo Screams Up Ski Slope

Not too long ago, we saw an insane video of a tuned Nissan GT-R absolutely roaring up a ski slope. Well recently, a modified Lamborghini Gallardo from Reiter recently did just the same but this time on the ski slopes of Flachau!


Additionally, as you’d imagine from a Gallardo fitted with an extreme Reiter aftermarket exhaust, the roar produced by this supercar is even more impressive than listening to a Nissan GT-R doing the same thing!

Be sure to watch it with your speakers or headphones turned up!


  1. am annoyed that there are no British tracks on the track polL- disgrace. We have some excellent tracks here in the Uk and if you've never been to the Goodwood revival or the Festival of Speed you are missing out on some of the best racing that this country has to offer- Please sort it out- now!!!!!!


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