SRT to Move Away From 6.4-liter HEMI V8

While it is indeed sad, the future of massively powerful, naturally aspirated V8 engines are slowly but surely coming to an end. While recently speaking with CarAdvice at the Detroit Motor Show 2014, SRT president and CEO Ralph Gilles revealed that the future of the firm’s massively popular SRT HEMI V8 engine is consequently approaching the end of its run.

“We are in a very interesting time at SRT,” Gilles started. “Obviously we are still investing in our Hemi, it’s a great powerplant for us, it’s elegantly simple and makes phenomenal power and I think it’s still relevant today.”

Gilles then went on to reveal that the only reason the American firm is still producing the HEMI is because of demand from customers saying, “We are only making it because our customers want it. They love it. They love how it sounds, how simple it is, the elegance of it, it’s so reliable, and the torque.

“After the era of Hemi is over, there are all kinds of ways SRT is going to make power. We are going to look at all kinds of things, we would be foolish not to.”

Finally, Gilles concluded, “We have already engaged them [fans and customers via] social media or commentary as they debate these things on forums. They are pretty open-minded, the modern day muscle car enthusiast is becoming more and more open-minded. As you see, the most premium supercars in the world changing the way they do propulsion, that clearly makes it [changing from a Hemi] that much more digestible.”

[Via Car Advice]

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  1. Government regulations are ultimately going to kill the V8 in American cars. The Germans will either keep producing them for their largest sedans, or switch to diesel/ turbo diesel. Eventually they may switch to Electric Motors ala TESLA MODEL Sm but for now, there's no better way to get big power for not-alot-of-money than a good old-fashioned HEMI.

    I've driven the $90,500 Maserati Ghibli AWD with its Twin Turbo V6. I was no more impressed than I was with the MKS Ecoboost, XTS-V or CTS-V sport. At $55,000 a top-level SRT offers way more
    (with the exception of interior refinement in the XTS).

    None of them have the sound, the shove or the pure fun of a V8. I guess that means SRT vehicles will be indefinite "keepers".

    …especially the MAGNUM.

    And to think: I tweeted Giles a petition to bring back the MAGNUM with AWD and the 6.4-L.

  2. They've already forced the German's to downsize the displacement and add twin turbos. The "6.2-Liter HELLCAT" is coming soon, but it will not be as strong as a blown 6.4-L". We really need aluminum engines and frames to decrease mass – along with the supercharged engines, but I'd be afraid to get into an accident with an aluminum car. My 6.4 is SOLID IRON.

  3. Really? The Hellcat won't be as strong as a Blown 6.4L? Do you know anything about the Modern Hemi scene? You can't boost a 6.4L with stock internals worth a flip without breaking a piston. Do some research before you post craziness. How do you know the 6.2L won't have forged pistons? The 6.4L doesn't.

  4. It WILL return for ALL the reasons mentioned above all that's needed is a cleaner fuel,Imagine when water is able to be used hydrogen & oxygen two the most explosive gases known. OOO that's right won't be able to say we're running out of that and raise prices

  5. Government regulations are not going to dictate my car buying decisions. I earn my money and I'm gonna spend it on what I want. If they stop making V8s, I stop buying new cars period.

  6. Its not real. i've seen this post confirmed to be fake on other sites, others say its real, but most that say its real are not creditable sites.


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