The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Final Edition brings an to an end the production of the brutal SLS. Just 350 units of the Final Edition model will be built and Mercedes-Benz have confirmed that they represent the last opportunity for customers to order an SLS AMG. The SLS began production in 2010 meaning that its production life has been just less than four years.

The supercar, with its 591hp AMG 6.3-litre V8 front-mid engine, is a blend of exceptional design and equipment features. Ever since it was presented in 2009 the SLS AMG has been an icon of the Mercedes-Benz brand representing the German marque by being their flagship model. The SLS was used as a platform for the wide variety of models that sprung from it, from the gullwing to the roadster, GT, the insane Black Series, an electric drive and its success in motorsport as the GT3 variant. The SLS AMG will go to rest with legendary status knowing that it brought a touch of lunacy and one of the best soundtracks that we have ever heard!

The Mercedes-Benz SLS GT Final Edition Coupe and Roadster look stunning with their bi-color bodies, a slither of contrasting carbon fiber that has been fitted as a front splitter and a new rear wing design. Adding to the aggression are Black Series inspired wheels and a redesigned hood. We are eagerly anticipating more details and cannot wait to see the Roadster and Coupe in all their glory at this years Tokyo Motor Show along with the S65 that is pictured with the SLS.


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