Ferrari FF and Truck Collide in New York, Ferrari Comes Off Worse

Driving in New York City is extremely hazardous primarily because of the sheer number of other vehicles on the road. What’s more, in a city like New York where time is money, everyone is trying to get somewhere as quickly as possible. The most recent unfortunate victim of this was the following silver Ferrari FF.

This crash occurred in the upper west side of Manhattan and while it is hard to blame who is at fault at the moment, there are two possible sceneries. The first is that the Ferrari FF driver was too close to the truck and unable to stop in time, or both cars were parked and the truck unknowingly reversed into the front of the Ferrari FF causing it to wedge under the rear-end of the truck.

Ferrari FF and Truck Collide in New York, Ferrari Comes Off Worse

However it happened, the Ferrari owner was notably displeased to see his Italian exotic squashed in such a manner. Fortunately, as the second image here shows once the FF was removed from underneath the truck’s tail, the damage doesn’t seem to be too comprehensive with the only visual damage being found on the hood. With that being said, it is quite possible some damage was done to the front suspension and we can only cross our fingers and hope that the engine wasn’t damaged in anyway.

[Via Jalopnik]

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