New Zenos E10 Sports Car Renderings and Details Released

Additional details and images of the upcoming Zenos E10 sports car have been released. The new renderings give us our best glimpse of the lightweight sports car thus far.

The Zenos E10, currently known as Project E10, will ride on a single aluminium backbone/chassis to which a composite tub will be mounted on top. The man behind the car, Ansar Ali, claims that this setup provides excellent torsional rigidity while also reducing the car’s overall weight.

And that point of reducing weight is essential, as the Zenos E10 is planned to have a power-to-weight ratio in excess of 300hp per tonne.

Powering the Zenos E10 will be a Ford-supplied 197hp 2.0-liter engine also pumping out 155lb-ft of torque. That engine will then be mated to a hopefully-slick five-speed manual transmission, and all told, Ali hopes the Zenos E10 will tip the scales at a mere 650kg. When it’s all said and done, the Zenos E10 sports car should sprint to 100km/h in just 4.5 seconds and have a top speed of 135mph. Zenos Cars has hinted that more powerful variants will be offered.

From a size standpoint, the Zenos E10 will be 180mm longer than the Caterham 7 as well as an impressive 265mm wider.
When discussing the upcoming sports car, Zenos Cars co-founder Ansar Ali said, “We set ourselves the challenge of how to make the E10 design look pure and yet edgy, focused and yet accessible, raw and yet ingenious, agile and yet balanced, serious and yet fun.

“The sketches and early stage renderings we have released, we think convey the purity, agility and functional simplicity of E10 faithfully.”

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