Tesla Model S Scores Higher Than 5 Star Safety Rating

Yep, you read the title correctly, the Tesla Model S performed so well in crash testing conducted by the NHTSA that it’s safer than even the maximum 5 star rating available. As a matter of fact, the Tesla Model S reportedly achieved the equivalent of 5.4 stars, but of course, don’t expect to see demonstrator models wearing stickers exclaiming a 5.4 stars safety rating because nothing above 5 is officially available from the NHTSA.

If that wasn’t enough, the NHTSA stated that the popular electric sedan is actually the safest vehicles it’s ever tested! Not bad from a company started by a co-founder of PayPal and one which has faced an unfair amount of criticism both for its range claims for the Model S, but as well as the now-defunct Tesla Roadster. So it’s fair to say that the American automaker has come a long way since developing the Roadster.

The Tesla Model S achieved such incredible safety results because it achieved five stars in each and every test and sub-test conducted thus creating a perfect score. By comparison, other five star rated cars never achieve 5 stars in every category and may have a couple 4 star results here and there for example.

The main reason the Tesla Model S achieved such amazing results comes down to the fact that it’s an electric car. That means there’s no bulky engine up front, meaning the entire front-end can act as a crumple zone. Additionally, the heavy batteries add extra rigidity to the underpinnings of the Tesla Model S.

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