Auto55 has released photos of what they claim to be the yet-to-be-released BMW M4 concept.

Rumors have been circulating the past few weeks about when the 2014 BMW M4 concept could debut, with some reports pinning a debut for as early as this weekend’s festivities at Pebble Beach.

If real, the leaked image shows the 2014 BMW M4 takes a lot of cues from the outgoing M3 coupe — most notably, the signature M3 hood bulge and wing mirrors. Where the car differs is in terms of its overall length and the redesigned front fascia both of which are easy to spot in this picture. The front fascia features LED headlights, carbon fiber front lip spoiler as well as the traditional BMW kidney-style front grille.

Auto55 is reporting that the car will debut at next month’s IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2013, as opposed to at Pebble Beach this weekend. Unlike the outgoing 2013 BMW E92 M3 sedan and coupe, the 2014 BMW M4 will not utilise a 4.0-liter V8 engine delivering 414hp and will instead debut a brand new turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six engine producing around 450hp.

Just yesterday, BMW released the very first video showcasing the engine note of the upcoming 2014 BMW M4 and M3 sedans!

[Via: Auto55]


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