Having recently reviewed the 2014 Mercedes S500, we don’t really have to tell you what we think about the new Mercedes S-Class anymore. Now, it’s Mercedes’ turn to tell it themselves. Mercedes has released a very interesting video with a duration of 15 minutes explaining the extended amount of time and effort put into their new top of the line luxury saloon and why the car is the definition of perfection in a myriad of reasons.

In the beginning of the video, Mercedes explains what lengths the designers must go through to redesign the S-class, which has been the pinnacle of luxury cars for over 60 years. It all starts from the very first drawing due to the fact that the designers must create a design that can shape the future for the car but also retaining the traditional S-class values. Once the best design is chosen, experienced modelers are brought into the action. Using true-to-scale replicas made out of clay, these modelers bring the designers’ visions into reality. Although they are made out of clay, these clay models are exact even to the smallest of details and is practically impossible to tell apart from the future production model.

Once the design is finished, it is handed over to extremely critical experts which are the highest decision-making committee for new Mercedes-Benz models.

Once the final design has been approved, a team is assigned to construct the first concept car at the prototype plant. Even then, the quality of the S-class is exceptionally high. After the first few cars are produced, Mercedes sends them through multiple track and road tests to test their agility, handling, etc. When brought to a track such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife, every component of the car is tested to their limits.

In the early stages of development, even ride comfort is kept in mind. Using the latest technology, Mercedes has the ability to test the ride quality using simulators and virtual testing systems even before the prototype units are produced. New developments in the area of active safety makes this car extremely advanced. The new intelligent drive system has the ability to boost braking power in the event of a cross-traffic hazard such as a pedestrian or another car. To test this, Mercedes built a small two-dimensional replica of a Mercedes to make it’s way in front of the newly developed S-class while in motion to confirm that the car will automatically apply extra force on the brakes to ensure that it stops safely before impacting the obstacle.

The new prototypes have to prove that they are capable of handing the toughest chassis test in the world. This endurance test takes the chassis and body to their very limits of technical performance.

Later, The developers at Mercedes put the new S-class into a wind tunnel to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics in order to maximize fuel mileage. While doing so, the team changes small characteristics of the car to make the aerodynamics are great as possible.

During the course of thousands of miles, the vehicle’s endurance and hybrid drive system is put through heavy testing. The information given is evaluated by the car’s intelligent systems and then used to optimize the battery’s charge level While doing so, carbon dioxide emissions are decreased.

The last step in the development process is for the 2014 S-class to prove it’s handling qualities on the Nardo Ring High Speed Test Track. The only test that follows is the verdict of the owners.

Now take a few minutes to read our Mercedes S500 review!

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