Video: Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 Soars for the Stars

Do you remember the incredible 1999 Le Mans 24 Hours which saw two Mercedes-Benz CLR Le Mans Prototypes flipping end over end after cresting a small rise and losing all downforce? Well, fast forward 14 years and one could have assumed that modern-day racing cars would be far more advanced and feature more trick aerodynamics right? Well, after watching the following video you may loss some faith in the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 racer.

The following video was filmed at the Slovakia Ring and when the driver creasts a small hill at high-speed, the front-end of the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 lifts sky-high and for a second it looks as though the car is soaring for the stars.

Fortunately, before the car flipped over, the front-end smashed back down into the tarmac and the skilled racing driver managed to somehow control it and steer it to avoid crash barrier just ahead. What’s more amazing about this incident is that at least visually, the car seems to be in fairly good shape after its brush with going airborne with the steering also appearing to work perfectly.

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