A Mansory Bentley Continental GT crashed and went up in flames during a Russian street race event. It appears to have crashed into an SUV before succumbing to the flames. From the photos, one can barely recognize any cues of the tuner Mansory, but it’s unmistakably a Bentley. Nevertheless, the flames consumed everything from the panels to brake parts.

Screenshots also reveal a photo of the top speed it might have achieved during the street race, it reads 241km/h. The Mansory Bentley Continental GT differs from the factory one in that it has new front and rear apron with integrated a new side skirt set, a spoiler lip attached to the boot lid and redesigned front fenders and engine bonnet.

The total output of the engine has been increased due to the use of software optimization, sports filter and a new exhaust system. Thanks to this, the 6.0-liter V12 of the Mansory Bentley Continental GT provides 672 horsepower and 780Nm of torque.

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