Official: KW coilovers for Mercedes-Benz CLA-class

German tuning company KW has presented two stainless steel coilover kits for Mercedes-Benz CLA-class which allow a continuous lowering of up to 60 mm within the German TÜV-tested adjustment range.

KW offers coilover kits Variant 1 as well as Variant 3+ with its built-in damper adjustment available for the various Mercedes-Benz CLA models. With its fix configured damper setup, Variant 1 optimize the balance of sportiness and everyday practicality of the Mercedes-Benz CLA. With Variant 3+ it is further possible to adjust the rebound and compression damping independent of each other. The compression damping can be adjusted with an integrated adjustment wheel at the bottom of the damper housing with twelve precise clicks. The separately adjustable rebound valve allows to adjust the damping characteristics with 16 clicks to new tires and larger rims.

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