Corvette C6 Crash

An accident involving a yellow Chevrolet Corvette C6 occurred in New Hampshire on the Campbell Road near Wellesley Road. According to the source at Corvette Blogger, the accident took place on Saturday night, the driver a 47-year old William Morel fled the scene soon as the accident took place leaving the passenger hurt behind.

Police would later on catch up with him an hour later walking on the King Road which is about 2.5 miles away from the scene of the accident. The car looks badly damaged as you can see from the photo but the passenger was not badly injured and police took him to a Manchester hospital. William was later on charged with driving while intoxicated, conduct after an accident, reckless conduct, and operating after suspension, among other charges; he will appear in court on May 2.

According to the traffic officers, the driver was driving when he lost control of the sports car sliding off the pavement before hitting a tree. The Corvette C6 and just like any other Corvette is not new to speed, therefore with an intoxicated driver, expect it to go over any speed limits set in the region.


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